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Love, Sacrifice, Democracy, Prayer, Peace, Cory Aquino

“It is true you cannot eat freedom and you cannot power machinery with democracy. But then neither can political prisoners turn on the light in the cells of a dictatorship”

-Cory Aquino

Last February 25, Force Majeure Events Management Experts held a gala presentation of Cory Ng EDSA: The Grand Filipino Musicale in SM North EDSA.

The People Power Revolution changed our country, our government and ourselves. It’s a great part of our lives. We may not be a witness of this great movement but we still have to celebrate the anniversary of this life-changing revolution.

Cory ng EDSA musicale is an eye-opener for everybody that doesn’t know what sacrifice Cory Aquino did for our country. It commemorates the People Power Revolution. This musicale informed us of how the light shone upon the dark.

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino is the wife of the late Ninoy Aquino and the mother of 4 kids. She doesn’t want Ninoy to go back to The Philippines and tostop  joining politics. But when her husband died, her heart was set on fire. She wanted to stop the dictatorship of Marcos. Sacrificing herself, we overthrown the dictator and attained our democracy.

Marcos dictatorship was the dark ages of The Philippines. Corruption was on its peak. Soldiers can do whatever they want. Economy is gradually decreasing and rate of salvages increased. Imagine if there was no Ninoy and Cory. No democracy. No freedom.

Ninoy and Cory opposed the Marcoses and came up with a bittersweet victory. Their sacrificed paid off and it’s time to do our part. We must continue what they started and that is to take care of democracy.

 Cory showed us that we can be heroes in our own ways. Even if it is saving lives, charity work, etc. What’s important is our nationalism. Being uncolonial-minded  is an example of a heroic deed. People Power Revolution showed us that if we are united and believing in one ideology, we can do anything.

After watching the musicale, I felt joy and proud to be a Filipino. This musicale astounded me and the act struck my heart. It’s because of this musicale, I learned to love our country, to sacrifice for the sake of many people, to value the democracy we have, to pray to God and devote myself to him and to promote peace.